Happy 8th Anniversary!


Hi Everyone! Happy 8th Anniversary, Big Blue Door!

Back in 2012 we had our first show at The Bridge PAI. A storytelling show called the Big Blue Door Jam. We’ve presented more than 200 shows since then–improv, storytelling, and sketch–and taught almost 100 courses and workshops. That’s a huge output for a tiny little group like ours, and it’s been a wonderful output, because of you all have been wonderful.

Whenever this is over, we’ll be back, but how soon back is, is a mystery as yet.

Things don’t look good for September. We’re not ruling it out yet but Jen and I do not want to take any chance that an improv class or show could make someone sick. Many of you have asked about online classes. I haven’t wanted to teach online unless we could offer a quality experience. I think our Character Workshop would work well for improvisers online (Maybe better than in person), and I’d like to try Telling True Stories II online if enough grads of our TTS I are interested. We are also considering a sort of hybrid Telling True Stories/Journal format that would cover some material from TTS but make use of the strengths of video. I’ll be emailing about all these possibilities. (A lot depends on whether my daughter is back in school, since if she’s home every day I would have only limited time to plan and teach courses.) If you’re interested in any of the possibilities above, email us at classes@bigbluedoor.org. We’ll have more info in mid-August.

Thanks to McGuffey Art Center for extending limited (but generous!) rent relief to BBD. Big Blue Door has always paid our regular expenses from class income. Even with McGuffey’s help, we’re expecting to need about $400 to pay the rent through the end of December. I’ve included a donate button below in case you have some money that you’re not using.

We miss you all so much, please take care, and let’s look forward to laughing together in the future!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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