Big Blue Door News 9/1!

Hey Everyone! We hope you are keeping safe and sane in these crazy times. We promised to offer an update on fall shows and classes.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to update. We can’t offer classes or shows in person due to coronavirus. We wanted to offer classes online but can’t in September or October but, alas, your friendly improv teacher is also a father on a 8-year-old who will be home for September and October. With the necessary oversight of her education during the week I don’t have time to properly prepare.

Big Blue Door will be more active in November. We are participating in a fundraising event then (Details soon!). That fundraising event may involve storytelling. If not, we will do a separate storytelling show.

Thanks to rent relief from McGuffey Art Center, projected money from the fundraising event mentioned above, and donations from several of you kind folks, we’re in better shape financially than many arts organizations. We’re still expecting to need a few hundred bucks. (I’ve included a donate button below in case you have some extra money that you’re not using.)

We miss you all so much, please take care, and let’s look forward to laughing together in the future!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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