Big Blue Door Update!

Hey Everybody! We at Big Blue Door hope you are all well! We’re doing well but miss doing improv and telling stories.

The governor has declared Virginia is in “Phase I” of relaxing restrictions on the social distancing, but Phase I still does not permit performances or classes, and frankly, Big Blue Door doesn’t want to contribute to anyone getting sick. So for now we are still closed. No classes at the beginning of summer. We hope to be back on track as soon as possible.

The prolonged closure presents some challenges for our studio and our program, but we fully expect to overcome these and future challenges. We’ll let you know more in a week or two.

In the meantime, if you like Star Wars or pop culture check out some videos on the Cracked You Tube channel by one of our Big Blue Door improvisers, Jordan Breeding. Jordan also writes prolifically and hilariously in many platforms, which are gathered for your reading pleasure here.


If you are a Big Blue Door student or performer, shoot us an email ( and share anything you’re working on. It doesn’t have to be You Tube episodes or McSweeney’s credits. Send us pictures of your garden, your baked goods, your kid’s spelling tests–whatever you’re up to!

Take care!


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