logo1 Big Blue Door stages 2-5 original shows every month in our studio and at spots around town. We stage longform improv comedy shows, true stories shows, class showcases, and specialty shows!

marching-band For all upcoming shows click here.

doorjamicon BIG BLUE DOOR JAM
For the first two and a half years of Big Blue Door’s existence, and from time to time ever since, Big Blue Door has presented the Big Blue Door Jam, a show of true 6-8 minute stories on changing themes. For a record of past Big Blue Door Jams click here.

On the third Thursday of every month from 2015-2017 Big Blue Door  presented Improv Night at Cville Coffee. For a record of past Improv Nights click here.












    1. We’re not sure, David. Probably 2-3. We’ll set the fall Jam schedule with themes around the first week in September (once we have a sense of how many students we have in our classes.)

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