38526581_10156586001766639_49741498018693120_nFor most of our history has Big Blue Door staged 2-5 original shows every month in our studio and at spots around town, including longform improv comedy shows, true stories shows, class showcases, and specialty shows!

For all upcoming shows click here.

doorjamicon BIG BLUE DOOR JAM
For the first two and a half years of Big Blue Door’s existence, and from time to time ever since, Big Blue Door has presented the Big Blue Door Jam, a show of true 6-8 minute stories on changing themes. For a record of past Big Blue Door Jams click here.

Since the end of our second season in 2013 Big Blue Door has been presenting Charlottesville’s only longform improv comedy shows throughout the Charlottesville area, including Harold Night, Improv Night, Big Blue Door at The Bridge, BBD at BAC, First Friday Improv in our studio in McGuffey Art Center an more!

For past shows click here (and scroll down).


    1. We’re not sure, David. Probably 2-3. We’ll set the fall Jam schedule with themes around the first week in September (once we have a sense of how many students we have in our classes.)

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