Joel’s Plays at Indie Theater Now

joel-jones-answer-man-and-other-bar-plays-copy-2 Do you like comedy, theater, and/or bars? Then this is for you! A collection of Joel’s bar plays has been e-published by New York’s Indie Theater Now and you can buy it for your Ipad or other electronic devices.

Some of you may not know this, but Big Blue Door co-director (and my husband) Joel Jones got his start in theater writing short comedies for a local series called Barhoppers. Barhoppers  was a production of Charlottesville’s Offstage Theater than ran for more than two decades starting in 1990, expanded to New York City and Boston, and has been revived here occasionally since. The show featured mostly original plays set in bars and written to be performed in bars. Joel’s plays were always highlights of the show. Indie Theater Now has put together a collection of some of Joel’s best bar plays called Barhoppers: The Answer Man and Other Bar Plays.

You can get it at the link for less than two bucks.

Barhoppers: The Answer Man and Other Bar Plays at Indie Theater Now


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