Thanks 2016!

thanks 2016.jpg On behalf of Jen Jones, Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and the whole Big Blue Door staff thanks everyone for being part of Big Blue Door’s 2016! The world may be falling apart but we’ve survived it and even enjoyed it together!

split-screen-copy-4Thanks to our fall performance groups The Bitter End (Susan Gorman, JL Lawrence, David Luzader, Leigh Maxwell, Will May, Debby Prum, Keaton Ray, Erik Swanson) and Driver’s Ed (Deborah Arenstein, Larry Goldstein, Max Hoecker, Kirk Martini, Finn Mehigan, Sally Trude). So many great characters and scenes and shows!

imp 3 Congratulations to our latest improv program graduates Todd Kasen, Kelsey Keverline, Marjory Ruderman, Ken Jackson, Jeanne Lynch, Susan Gorman, Rosemarie Harper, Kirby Martin, and Jess Pascoal! Some of them already performed as part of Big Blue Door’s December Improv Night at Cville Coffee! We look forward to see many more in our winter performance run! (Schedule and lineup soon!)

fall-classes And thanks to all the wonderful students in our Improv 3, Improv 1, and Telling True Stories courses, and our Sketch Comedy Workshop! Classes are the core of what we do and we’re lucky and privileged to meet so many brave, interesting, funny, smart people of different ages and backgrounds!

winter-2017 Speaking of which, if you haven’t taken a class with Big Blue Door, please join us!  We have a brand new Improv I course starting January 24th and there’s a spot just for you! Really!

Old radio Thanks to local media this fall! We were featured in the Cville, and three times on WPVC. Thanks to Indie Theater Now for e-publishing some of my short comedies.

dmr adventures Thanks to local venues Cville Coffee and DMR Adventures for hosting our shows!

fun-mcguffey Thanks especially to all the artists at McGuffey Art Center where we taught classes, rehearsed, and put on shows!

thanks season 2 And of course, thanks to all of you!

Big Blue Door wishes you a happy holiday season and a joyful year ahead. Please join us in 2017 to share your stories, laughter, and insanity!

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