Joel’s Plays in Edinburgh!

10-Years-of-Bite-Size-Breakfast-image-by-Robert-Cohen-copy-e1462900095757 So proud of Big Blue Door co-director (and husband) Joel Jones. Two of his short comedies, The Answer Man and Big Fish Little Fish, have been chosen for a 10th anniversary “Best of” show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The theater company is called Bite-Size Plays based in Brighton, UK. They do collections of short comedies in Brighton, on tour, and annually at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they have won lots of critical praise, sold out houses, and audience awards. For their 10th anniversary they’ve picked five of their favorite scripts from over the last ten years to perform as a collection, and two of the five are by Big Blue Door’s very own, Joel Jones.

joeljones They say good news comes in threes. This week, we’ve found out his plays will be done in Edinburgh, and a collection of his plays will be published, so we’re waiting for the third bit of news!

spec sat sum improv night The best of all possible third bits of good news would be for all of you to come out and help us celebrate the other bits of good news this Saturday for Big Blue Door’s Special Summer Spectacular Saturday Edition Improv Night!

Bitter End See Joel perform improv comedy with Brian and Nauder as The Administration, and see Big Blue Door’s excellent summer team, The Bitter End! We love them!

By the way, it’s our first ever Saturday show at Cville Coffee and we want lots of people there to make it a rousing success!


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