The Bitter End

summer perf Check out Big Blue Door’s newest improv ensemble, just in time for summer: The Bitter End!

Susan G Susan Gorman is a seamstress who grew up as a Navy Brat living all over America’s coastal cities. She’s a lover of cooking, good spelling, and her family winery, Cardinal Point in Afton.

john lawrence Former 1983 class clown of Norfolk Academy, JL Lawrence makes coffee, plays speed chess, and likes to run fast. He’s a veteran of Big Blue Door improv teams Dance Monkey and The Helix.

David L David Luzader was brought to Charlottesville when his wife came here for school. He likes wine-tasting, comic books, and his podcasts at Heck Yeah Comics and the Geek Cinema Society.

Leigh M Coming to us by way of Greensboro, NC, Leigh Maxwell improvised formerly with the Greensboro Harlequin Troupe and The Bystander Effect. She loves classic cars, cooking, and movies.

Keaton R Keaton Ray is a personal trainer. He’s also an actor you might see performing in ads or shows on your very own teevee. He dreams of being in a horror movie.

shell Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Shell Stern came to Charlottesville almost 14 years ago by way of a rural Virginia farm. She once tried to break the Guinness Book of World Records for pogo stick jumping.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson is veteran of many Big Blue Door teams including Usual Suspects, Dance Monkey and Sleepover. He’s the proud owner of an engineering firm, and enjoys hang gliding, sailing, and working on houses.

Sally T Sally Trude was born in Santa Monica, CA. She moved to the East Coast in 1992 and to Crozet in 2004. She loves cats, kittens, and quilting.

The Bitter End is coached by Nauder Namaky.

bitter end dystopia

(left to right) Erik, Sally, Susan, Shell, David, Leigh, JL, and Keaton

Check out The Bitter End live in person as part of Improv Night this Thursday, June 16th at Cville Coffee and for the rest of June and July wherever Big Blue Door improv is being performed!

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