TrueVille Haircut Challenge Update!

This video doesn’t exist

The great news is that fundraising for Big Blue Door’s upcoming TrueVille Project has reached $1500. We’re halfway to raising all the money we need for the interviews and recordings! Yay! Plus we’re 25% toward our goal of putting up the play!

We’ve been on a fundraising hiatus due to putting together spring classes and shows, a brief journey out of town, and illness. But this week we’re back on track and the challenge resumes: If we can reach the halfway point ($3000) by the end of March, I’ll let my five year old daughter cut my hair. (Don’t worry: Safety scissors! And mom will be there too!)

We’ll make a video of what I expect will be a disaster and post it online.

If you’ve given money to TrueVille, thank you so much! If you haven’t yet, won’t you consider it?

What everyone can do is share our fundraising posts this week on Facebook and in emails! Help us get past the algorithms, help us reach new people! Spread the word!



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