TrueVille FAQs!

trueville fundraising Big Blue Door’s GoFundMe campaign for TrueVille is back! We have an immediate goal of raising $1500 over the next ten days. That’s a lot to raise but then again, TrueVille is an amazing project that we’re incredibly excited about!

FAQ #1: What is TrueVille?
TrueVille is Big Blue Door’s one-of-a-kind oral history project. We’re conducting interviews, a kind of interview that we designed to help people share what truly matters to them. (Here are some similar interviews we did years ago with local refugees.) We’ll explore city and county government, go to area neighborhoods, and we’re starting the whole project with local law enforcement!

FAQ #2: What is TrueVille doing with the money?
Project director Melissa Wender is in the middle of conducting interviews and $1500 will allow us to complete the recording, transcription, and safe storage of the wonderful stories these law enforcement officers are sharing. We have more police ready and waiting! (The project has a further goal of staring a play using passages and stories from the interviews.)

FAQ: #3: Why start with law enforcement?
We want to get to know our local government and the police are the part of the government where the rubber hits the road. In a lot of ways they’re the face of local government. Plus we’re curious!

FAQ #4: Doesn’t the guy in that video need a haircut?
Why, yes. Yes he does.

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