TrueVille Fundraiser!

gofundme-screenshot Big Blue Door has launched our first-ever fundraising campaign on GoFundMe for our TrueVille project!

TrueVille is Big Blue Door’s new story collection and oral history initiative. TrueVille asks the people of the Charlottesville area to share their stories, and we’re starting with the police! We want to interview people working in local law enforcement.

Completed interviews will be recorded and transcribed and the originals stored in a permanent audio format. Then we’ll stage a 1-hour play combining interesting, moving, and humorous passages and stories from more than twenty interviews.

To do all this we need to raise $6000! The first $3000 will allow TrueVille to organize, schedule, and administer the first course of interviews; pay for space and materials; and transcribe and store the interviews. The final $3000 will pay for staging the play. Everything from posters to theater rental to script copying and sound, and all the other expenses. Raising the full amount will allow us to keep ticket prices low enough that anyone from the community can afford to attend.

Proceeds from the play will then be used as seed money for the next round of TrueVille interviews. We want to interview city and county workers and then move to neighborhoods. So by helping us with this project, you’re helping future projects as well! Be the first to help us out!

TrueVille at


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