Thanks everyone for coming out Saturday night to Cardinal Point Winery to hear wonderful stories inspired by the theme of ‘Misunderstanding’! We had a great evening of true stories with all kinds of misunderstandings, including teachers, grandmas, periods, accusations of terrorism, drugs, political debates, and infidelity! We cheated on tests, ate Saltines, bailed our kid out of jail, broke down outside of McDonalds, argued inside McDonalds, and broke up with our cheating boyfriend!

Thanks so much to all the folks at Cardinal Point for sharing their space and concocting such delicious beverages to go with it!

Our next show at Cardinal Point will be Saturday, August 28th and the theme will be ‘Escape’! Would you like to share a 6-8 minute true story at that or a future Big Blue Door event? If you’ve taken classes or performed with us, or if you have other performance experience and feel confident you can do it, email us at!

Would you like to learn to find and share the true stories in your life but aren’t quite sure how? Maybe you don’t know how long it should be or what makes a good story, or you don’t know how to make your experiences interesting (because, believe us, they are!)? Email for the next Telling True Stories course!

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