Join Big Blue Door this Saturday, July 24th for an the early evening under the breeze-cooled awning of Cardinal Point Winery. It’s Summer Story Saturdays in beautiful Afton, Virginia with true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Misunderstanding’.

We have seven wonderful storytellers, both newcomers and veterans of previous shows, all with brand new stories of mistakes, misreadings, and misapprehensions of all kinds! We’ve got errors of body and mind from the hilarious to the profound. And you’ll have plenty of money to buy wine because it’s Pay What You Will!

And audience members are welcome to bring food!

Big Blue Door improviser and published author Debby Prum tells the tale of her seventh-grade French teacher who was a bona fide genius. Or so he told his students every day. Check out some of Debby’s other doings here.

Big Blue Door improviser Sarah Adams shares a story of puberty, which Sarah tried to approach with curiosity but soon felt overwhelmed!

An audience favorite from the storytelling shows of Big Blue Door’s early years, Browning Porter returns! He reveals how his tendency to rant at strangers has sometimes led to unexpected results.

Susan Gorman returns from our June show with a harrowing tale of what happened to her family when her son goofed around on social media.

Charlie Gilliam is back from June, this time with a story of what happened as a kid when his grandmother told him the Power Rangers were too violent.

Heidi Shaner is back from our June show, this time describing hard lessons learned of infidelity and trusting instincts. Heidi is a trainer and life coach. Check our her website here.

Rosemarie Harper is back after her June story with another slice of her chaotic life. This time she profiles an unusual acquaintance.

Don’t miss the second edition of Summer Story Saturday this Saturday, July 24th at 5:30pm!

Saturday, July 24th
Cardinal Point Winery
9423 Batesville Rd, Afton
Pay What You Will!

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