Smallprov Pics

Check out these amazing pictures from our Smallprov run at McGuffey taken by Kirk Martini! Smallprov is all about longer, more truthful scenework with more investment in creating a physical sense of place up top for a bigger comedic (and sometimes dramatic) payoff later!

Here’s the McGuffey studio we used before the last Monday night show: (Studio #20. Thanks Susan & Anne!)


Here’s the same room with the audience seated and Debby, Jude, and Maya of Takes Three to Tango beginning to work their magic:


Now watch what happens as they use techniques of listening and agreement from Big Blue Door longform improv training to create a sense of space:

takes 3 to tango

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m really at a duck pond!

Here’s Nik and Brian of Doctor Um, pretending to be warming their hands on a small, backyard volcano:


Although the geo-physics of a backyard volcano might not even be possible, it’s like I can still see it right there!

Here’s Jennifer and Larry of Jennifer is Still Right playing a dinner scene:


Voila, Studio #20 now looks and feels like a high-class restaurant! All we need is a waiter to light the candles!

Although the McGuffey shows are done, Smallprov still has one more scheduled show and it’s a doozy! It’s at BON on Friday, Oct 17th for Big Blue Door Unhinged. You can see all the magic for only $5. Doors open at 8pm for drinks. Show starts at 9pm.

But you don’t even have to wait that long to start learning to do this stuff yourself. Our next Improv 1 begins Tuesday, Oct 14th!

Sign up online.

If you have questions about our classes, email!

debby prum


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