Big Blue Door Class Showcases 3/26!

Join Big Blue Door for three improv class showcases this Sunday! , March 26th starting at 2pm! It’s a show every hour on the hour, featuring performances by FOUR improv classes! Has it ever been done before in Charlottesville? We’re not sure, but Big Blue Door is going to take the risk! The 2pm and 3pm shows will be 35-45 minutes and the 4pm show will be approximately 60 mins.

When? Sunday, March 26th at 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm!

Where? Studio 20 on the top floor of McGuffey Art Center!

How much? FREE! (in money but OVERWHELMING in laughs!)

At 2pm check out the class showcase for the finest Improv I course of all time! Featuring the incomparable:

Dana Ainsworth
Kate Bennis
Ellie Black
Jacqueline Busa
Selena Cozart
Robin Karr
Candace Mason
Kevin Sawyer

At 3pm check out the class showcase for the finest Improv 2 course of all time! Featuring the incredible:

Aaryan Balu
Kyle Barrentine
Brian Hansbury
Ginny LeBaron
Dan Rossberg
Teja Vadlamudi
Chris Yung

At 4pm check out the double class showcase for the two finest Improv 3 courses of all time, each performing a harold, and then combining together for a massive group montage! Featuring the magnificent:

Sarah Adams
Deborah Arenstein
Jordan Breeding
Todd Kasen
Otter Moutenot-small
Debby Prum

And the astounding:

Mel Belardi
Keaton Rodland
Stephen Sanderson
Heidi Shaner
Rachel Showalter
Eric Swanson

Graduates of Big Blue Door’s winter improv courses share the fun!
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
201 2nd St NW
Sunday 3/26
2pm, 3pm, & 4pm

We suggest that all audience members wear masks!

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