Improv 2 starts 1/15!

Join Big Blue Door this January for Improv 2: Cuts & Callbacks! Building on the skills from your Improv 1 class, Improv Cuts & Callbacks will teach you new techniques such as cuts, tags, callbacks and second beats. You’ll use these new skills in sync with other performers to explore characters in different times and places. You’ll also learn to expand the range of your characters using physicality, actions, and verbal confessions. Finally, you’ll learn to use the ‘Living Room Opening’ to generate richer and more playful ideas from audience suggestions. A fantastic course for actors, writers, and anyone who likes to have fun. Eight sessions plus a class show.

Prerequisite: Improv 1 with Big Blue Door (or equivalent). Also students must have proof of vaccination to take this course. For covid safety we are keeping enrollment limited to only 8 students per class.

Check out our refund policy here.

Build on your Improv I techniques with ‘Second Beats’ ‘Tags’ and more!
SUNDAYS 3:45-5:45pm

Studio 20
McGuffey Art Center
8 sessions + class showcase starting 1/15


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Students must have proof of vaccination for Covid-19

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