Join Big Blue Door Saturday, May 21st for an early evening under the awning of Cardinal Point Winery with our May edition Spring Stories Saturday! Our show will feature true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Bodies’!

We have a mix of newcomers, returnees from past shows, veterans from classes, and Big Blue Door staff. We’ll share all sorts of stories inspired by the theme of ‘Bodies’: Tales of sickness and health, parents and kids, ghosts, guinea pigs and more!

Also Cardinal Point offers a variety of delicious beverages and audience members are welcome to bring their own food as well!

We kindly request a $5-$10 donation, but we’ll let you in for free if you’re broke!

Check out the lineup!

Newcomer Kate Scales grew up in Dinwiddie, Va, works as an outpatient counselor in Greene County and lives in Albemarle with her husband and two preteen daughters.

Susan Gorman is a veteran of last year’s shows and proprietor of Cardinal Point.

Debra Weiss performed with us occasionally back in the day, and it’s great to have her back. She built a house in her backyard out of recycled and salvaged materials. Known as The Recycled House, it can be booked for short-term rental. Full info at

Debby PrumDebby Prum is a musician, improviser, and author. She shared a story in our July show. Check out some of Debby’s other doings here.

Barry Blumenthal is originally from beautiful Norfolk, Virginia. He is a partially retired psychiatrist previously working at Western State Hospital. He lives in North Garden with his spouse Jan, his dog Henry, his cat Phoebe and a whole lot of plants. His 2 grandsons live in Perth Australia, as far away as you can get on the surface of the Earth from Charlottesville. A long visit is planned soon!

Joel Jones produces Spring Stories Saturday with his beautiful wife Jen and co-hosts the show with his beautiful daughter Ellie.

Would YOU like to tell a story at an upcoming show? Sign up at Cardinal Point if you’ve never come to a show before, or if you know the format well email us at Our June 18th theme will be ‘Camp’.

Saturday, May 21st
Cardinal Point Winery
9423 Batesville Rd, Afton

$8 Cash suggested donation

Click here and scroll down here for directions!

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