Fall Story Saturday Preview 10/2!

Join Big Blue Door this Saturday, October 2nd for an early evening under the awning of Cardinal Point Winery! Our Stories Saturday shows this summer were so much fun that we couldn’t resist adding one more–our back-by-popular-demand, special-encore-edition FALL Stories Saturday! It’s true stories inspired by the theme of ‘Bare Necessities’!

We have a mix of newcomers, returnees from our Summer shows, and veterans from our story shows of the past. Cardinal Point offers a variety of delicious beverages and snacks and audience members are welcome to bring their own food as well! It’s all Pay what you will!

Check our our storytellers!

Terri Long told stories for Big Blue Door back in our early years so it’s great to have her back. She currently lives in a new old home in Scottsville where she is recovering from right shoulder replacement surgery and picking up roadside trash with Southern Albemarle Philosophical Society. She also makes art and writes words about art, which can be seen at terriloui.wordpress.com

First-time storyteller Nathan Moore once interviewed Studs Terkel, the consummate storyteller and purveyor of oral histories. Nathan asked what a young person interested in storytelling and audio documentary should do to get into this kind of work. Studs replied, “Just go do it.” So that’s what Nathan is doing. These days, Nathan mostly builds platforms. Sometimes media platforms, sometimes literal platforms.

Larry Goldstein has been involved in Big Blue Door since our first improv class in 2012. He’s told stories and performed and coached improv.

Heidi Shaner has been telling stories for Big Blue Door all summer. She’s also a health and wellness coach. Check out her website here.

Debby Prum is a musician, improviser, and author. She shared a story in our July show. Check out some of Debby’s other doings here.

Browning Porter has performed in two musicals, both times in the chorus, first as a singing pirate, and then as a singing Nazi. He started smoking cigarettes when he was a singing Nazi. It took him twenty years to quit.

Susan Gorman is a veteran improviser with Big Blue Door who also shared stories in our Summer shows!

“Bare Necessities”
Saturday, October 2nd
Cardinal Point Winery
9423 Batesville Rd, Afton
Pay What You Will!

Click here and scroll down here for directions!

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