The Lady Pills (2014)

lady pills 3 The Lady Pills are Charlottesville’s first fully-trained longform improv comedy ensemble, raised through the ranks of Big Blue Door’s improv training program. The Lady Pills performed a Harold run in the Summer of 2014 culminating in a performance in New York. They reformed in the fall to perform in Big Blue Door’s Smallprov run, and to perform at Big Blue Door Unhinged at BON! The finished December 2014 performing at Festivus, the Richmond Comedy Festival!

lady pills nyc

some lady pills at live arts


Brian Weisbrod is a UVa grad who studied economics. He’s from Richmond, lives in Crozet, but still manages an ardent attachment to the New England Patriots football franchise. By day he’s an assistant controller, which apparently involves accounting.


Jennifer Slate is a basement talk-show host, and a mother of several children who can still quote Ferris Bueller. She’s also an essayist and blogger.


Nauder Namaky is either from Cincinnati, Ohio or Austin, Texas, depending on what works best for conversation. He does scientific stuff that the rest of us don’t understand, or maybe we just weren’t listening. Nauder pronounces his name in a way that sort of rhymes with eclair. He loves tap dancing most of all.


Maya Hislop hails from somewhere in New York City but emigrated to Charlottesville for The University’s graduate school English Department and she speaks it very well. Ask her about her most recent summer doing fieldwork in the Deep South. (I plan to!)


Deborah Prum is a writer and banjo player by way of Dartmouth. Her essays have appeared on NPR, her shorter fiction and non-fiction have been published all over the place, and you can buy her books right now by going here! Her banjo playing however is going nowhere.


Larry Goldstein teaches Drama at Tandem Friends School and performs with theaters all over the area. He also house-sits in houses all over the area. He’ll be directing a play called ‘Fight Night’ at Live Arts next year. If you audition he promises to shave.


Nik Hayes is a UVa grad who studied biochemistry but what he learned hasn’t stopped him from inhabiting an organic form. He works at the UVa Medical Center. He enjoys long walks on the beach but only if the walking is parallel to the shoreline.


Jude Silveira took the first improv class Big Blue Door ever offered in Charlottesville and he’s still trying to get it right. Jude works for that legal company that does legal stuff. Originally from the seafaring regions of New England his interests include the seafaring regions of New England.

jude silveira


Festivus 2


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