Plan A

Plan A Check out the lineup of Big Blue Door’s resident improv performance group, Plan A, one of the two groups performing as part of the summer 2015 Harold Run!

Plan A is:


Maya Hislop. Maya is from Brooklyn, NY. She likes to watch every single-camera comedy series she can find and eat pizza. Her real-life career ambition is to be a professor of American and African-American Literature, but she loves to dream about a life in comedy.


Max Hoecker. Max is a popular radio personality on 97.5 3WV. Claims all of his improv training has made him funnier and better looking. His saxophone playing seems to attract traveling classic rock cover bands as well. Will play for beer.


Nauder Namaky. Nauder moved to Charlottesville from Austin, Texas (although, when it’s to his advantage he seems to be from Cincinnati). When he’s not doing improv or playing D&D, Nauder works as a project coordinator for a clinical psychology lab at UVa.


Jessica Pascoal. Jess is a transplant from New Hampshire and is still adjusting to the humid Virginia summers. When she’s not performing, she can be found molding the minds of elementary school students. She also enjoys drinking wine, crafting, and thrifting.


Erik Swanson. Erik is a native Virginian. He spent too many years attending VA Tech to be a true resident of Charlottesville, but likes it here anyhow. In real life, he helps people design rotating machinery that spins really fast. He enjoys sailing and hang gliding, but rarely gets to do either.

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