nov-2017 Check out Big Blue Door’s fall 2018 performance groups!

BBD at Bridge graphic Big Blue Door @ The Bridge! On the second Saturday of September, October, and November, hosts Jessie Conover and Nauder Namaky present a changing assortment of Charlottesville’s best comedy acts and groups, including Big Blue Door improv ensembles!

fall 2018 teams Product Placement features newcomer Rachel Edwards with veterans Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, Tim Gorman, Debby Prum, David Luzader, and Kirk Martini. Directed by Joel Jones. Full bios here.

latte farm Latte Farm features veterans Deborah Arenstein, Rachel Showalter, Steve Sanderson, Erik Swanson, Max Hoecker, Jessie Conover, and Todd Kasen! Directed by Keaton Ray. Full bios here.

admin show bannerThe Administration. Big Blue Door’s fall team coaches Joel Jones and Keaton Ray are joined by the producer of Big Blue Door’s Bridge series, Nauder Namaky, to perform at selected Latte Farm & Product Placement dates.