winter team Big Blue Door’s winter 2020 performance groups:

tween cartel Teen Cartel is made up of Debby Prum, Brian Weisbrod, Susan Gorman, Max Hoecker, Sarah Adams, and Will May. Coached by Marjory Ruderman. Full bios here.

shrewd echidna Shrewd Echidna is made up of Keaton Ray, Rachel Showalter, Todd Kasen, Nauder Namaky, and Steve Sanderson. Coached by David Luzader. Full bios here.

admin show banner The Administration is an ever-changing ensemble made up of Big Blue Door’s current coaches and teachers. The winter 2020 edition is Marjory Ruderman, David Luzader, and Joel Jones. In most shows they are joined by whichever performers from the other teams brought the most audience members! Full bios here.