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From our founding in the summer of 2012 through the end of 2014 (And from time to time ever since) Big Blue Door presented the BIG BLUE DOOR JAM, a show of true 6-8 minute stories on changing themes in changing venues. Volunteer teams of audience judges picked favorites. The storyteller with the most votes won a jar of jam!

Twice a year we brought back jam-jar-winners and runners-up from the Door Jams for our BIG BLUE DOOR SLAM. For the Slams the whole audience voted and the winner home a trophy!

Sadly, we had to stop regular storytelling shows when co-founder Jen Jones went back to work, but we’d love to partner with other organizations for future storytelling, and we offer storytelling classes once or twice a year.

Email if you’d like to produce a storytelling show, and email if you’d like up to date info on Big Blue Door classes.

Want to hear a few of our live stories? WTJU runs an online library of a few. Click on the icon below:

stories online


July 19th: Best Friends Forever @ The Bridge PAI

Aug. 16th: Unnecessary Suffering @ Blue Grass Grill & Bakery

Sept. 20th: Castes and Cliques @ Sweet Haus

Oct. 18th: Ghosts @ The Bridge PAI

Nov. 15th: Law and Disorder @ The Bridge PAI

Dec. 20th: Families @ Black Market Moto Saloon


Jan. 17th: Journeys @ Black Market Moto Saloon

Feb. 21: DOOR SLAM I @ Black Market Moto Saloon

Mar. 21st: Books @ The Bridge PAI

Apr. 18th: Fools @ Black Market Moto Saloon

May 16th: Rivals @ Black Market Moto Saloon

June 20th: Nature @ Black Market Moto Saloon

July 18th: DOOR SLAM II: Breaks @Black Market Moto Saloon

(Aug. No Show. Vacation!)

Sept 19th: Sex @ The Southern Cafe & Music Hall

Oct. 17th: Hauntings @ Black Market Moto Saloon

Nov. 21st: Working Hard or Hardly Working @ Woolly Mammoth

Dec. 19th: The Kids Are Alright @ Woolly Mammoth


Jan. 16th: DOOR SLAM III: Schemes & Dreams @ Woolly Mammoth

Feb. 20th: Crazy Little Thing Called Love @ Woolly Mammoth

Mar. 20th: The Big Show @ Woolly Mammoth

Apr. 17th: Obsession @ Woolly Mammoth

May 15th: Flirtin’ with Disaster @ Woolly Mammoth

Jun. 14th (Saturday): DOOR SLAM IV: Entrances & Exits @ BON

(July & August. No shows. Vacation!)

Sept. 18th: Stranger in a Strange Land @ Cville Coffee

Oct. 16th: Shadows & Light @ Cville Coffee

Nov. 20th: School Daze @ Cville Coffee

Dec. 18th: All in the Family @ Cville Coffee


Jan. 15th: DOOR SLAM V: Don’t You Forget About Me @ BON

(Long hiatus to build improv program)

Aug. 13th: Milestones @ Rapture

Oct. 22nd: Learning Curves @ Milli Joe

Thanks to everyone who made the Jams and Slams such a wonderful experience for us! We’ll be back with a new storytelling format soon!

summer stories 5 Big Blue Door stories are back with Stories Confidential for the summer of 2017 at Belmont Arts Collaborative. It’s a brand new ‘best-of’ format featuring graduates of our classes and shows!


June 8th. Shock of the New @ BAC

July 13th. Insult to Injury @ BAC

Aug 10th. Summertime @ BAC


    • Hi Trey,
      This Thursday will be the last Jam till September! (In June we’ll have our semi-annual Big Blue Door Slam, bringing back top vote-getters from the first half of 2014.) Then no storytelling shows in July or August. In August we’ll announce the fall topics!

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    • Not in the summer or early fall 2016.

      In storytelling news we have a Telling True Stories class that just started up, we’re in the process of creating (in cooperation with a wonderful local radio station that we’ll announce soon) an accessible cache of recorded stories, and we keep hoping to get a collection of stories published. If all goes well we’d hope to offer another Telling True Stories class in the late fall, and start a new story show in early 2017.

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