fall shows and classes The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door is proud to present Improv Night at C’ville Coffee. It’s Charlottesville’s only longform improv comedy show and it features a changing roster of groups and styles, including Big Blue Door performance groups created from graduates of Big Blue Door’s improv training program. Formerly called ‘Harold Night’ because many of the shows featured the longform style called ‘Harold.’


Feb 19th. Harold Night w/ Unusual Suspects & Hotdog Water

Mar 19th. Unusual Suspects, Hotdog Water, Improv 1 Showcase, & Improv 2 Showcase.

Apr 16th. Monoscene

May 21st. Monoscene

June 18th. Harold Night w/ Mogli Mogli de Brogli & Plan A

July 16th. Harold Night w/ Mogli Mogli de Brogli & Plan A

Aug 20th. OK Stupid

Sept 17th. OK Stupid plus Catawampus & Dance Monkey

Oct 15th. Harold Night w/ Catawampus & Dance Monkey

Nov19th. Harold Night w/ Catawampus & Dance Monkey

Dec 17th. Big Blue Door Holiday Show w/ OK Stupid


Jan 21st. OK Stupid plus La Ronde

Feb 18th. The Helix & Sleepover

Mar 17th. OK Stupid & Improv 2 Class Showcases

Apr 21st. The Echo Premiere & Short Term Analysis Preview

May 19th. Improv 3 Graduation Showcase

June 16th. Summer Team Performance premiere of The Bitter End and The Administration

July 21st. The Bitter End & The Administration

Aug 18th. The Administration

Sept 15th. The Administration

Oct 20th. The Bitter End & Driver’s Ed

Nov 17th. The Bitter End & Driver’s Ed

Dec 15th. Special Holiday Show


Jan 19th. The Experience Preview

Feb 16th. Mr Mammals & Half-Price Candy

Mar 16th. Mr Mammals & Half-Price Candy

April 20th. Lemon Cello & Colorblind Astronauts

May 18th. Lemon Cello & Colorblind Astronauts

June 15th. Compact Fun & Dancing Pilots

July 20th. Compact Fun & Dancing Pilots

August 17th. One Night Stand: One-Night Only Group

September 21st. Premiere of Fall Groups Feminine Hijinks & Suburban Dictionary

October 19th. Feminine Hijinks & Suburban Dictionary

November 16th. Feminine Hijinks & Suburban Dictionary

December 21st. Dish!


January 17th. Dish!

February 15th! Farewell Show: Feminine Hijinks & Bunch & The Aministration

Cville Coffee 1301 Harris St.

Cville Coffee
1301 Harris St.