How’s Everybody Doing?

How is everybody doing?
Big Blue Door isn’t holding classes or shows right now, and co-directors Jen and I have been homeschooling our 8-year old and working from home. Before McGuffey closed, Amanda Jo Liscouski, one of the dancers who shares Studio 20 with us, built risers with her friend, Josh Reid, so when we’re able to reopen we’ll have a spiffier theater experience for our audiences!


Last week we ran comedy videos daily on facebook. Below is the video that got the most response.


None of the videos got a lot of views, though, whether due to the subject matter or Facebook’s algorithms. We’ll run them again this week, so if you’re interested then ‘like’ our Facebook page, so you might see them in your feed.

We’ll also be assessing what we can contribute to the times. Jen and I and our daughter have been doing little vblogs. Maybe we’ll figure out a way for more Big Blue Door people to share similar videos.


We hope that you are okay wherever you are!

Keep your spirits up and be in touch!

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