Covid Video #1

Social isolation is upon us! Many of us are worried or bored or both. Some of us are at home wondering how we will do without schools for our children or toilet paper for our behinds. Others of us are working in medical or emergency services waiting for the tsunami to happen. Other of us are working in empty restaurants or stores waiting for anything to happen.

Well, Big Blue Door is utterly useless when it comes to actual problems, but we will try to come up with some activities to pass a few minutes each day and give you perhaps a chuckle or two!

What we’re starting with is posting videos every day. Mostly we’ll do facebook, at least at first. The video that gets the most likes each week, will be re-posted every Sunday here. If enough people are interested, we’ll try to do more. We may also be able to come up with some other activities, but being a parent myself, this week I need to figure out how to give my daughter the quality home schooling experience that I’m absolutely ill-equipped to provide her. As soon as I’ve burned that bridge, I’ll be seeing what more Big Blue Door can do online.

We’ll start with a short little video scene from a Steve Martin movie that sets the tone.

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