Coronavirus News

Big Blue Door’s Official Coronavirus Pandemic Disease Policy

Big Blue Door is closed until the current pandemic is less ‘pan’. We’ve already emailed classes and performers, and listed the upcoming show as canceled, but we wanted to let everyone know.

Novo coronavirus is (as Big Blue Door has been told by the internet) a highly contagious virus for which none of us have immunity. It causes a disease that is like a very bad flu, which would be problematic enough, but it’s like a very bad flu that spreads through an entire community at lightning speed. As with a flu some people get sicker than others (partly but not exclusively because of general health, age, respiratory problems, etc) and some of those people need emergency or hospital care, usually for breathing problems. With this new virus “some of those people” becomes a catastrophe because so they need medical care at the same time which overwhelms medical services. To slow the spread of the virus public groups are asked to be less public, so we’re shutting everything down. Well, almost everything.

To keep spirits up starting this Sunday Big Blue Door will post a comedy video here, and then we’ll post videos suggested by our students, performers, and staff daily on Facebook. The videos that get the most ‘likes’ will be re-posted on this website next Sunday!

Take care of yourselves and one another (but from a distance)!


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