Snuffy the Fire Squirrel!

snuffy Snuff the Fire Squirrel is the half of Big Blue Door’s summer performing groups directed by Joel Jones. Performing in June and July with Hula Pants!

katie straight Katie Straight. Katie manages a team of tiny but highly skilled home wreckers who happen to also be sweethearts at least part of every day. Previously, her professional work focused on international development and international education policy, which was, frankly, a lot easier. Katie’s last improv experience was as a 10 year old in her parents’ basement, pretending to be David Letterman in front of a live studio audience of one family dog named Teddy. In her free time, she’s a writer, fast walker and salsa enthusiast (the tortilla chip variety).

Otter Christopher ‘Otter’ Moutenot. Otter is a carnivorous aquatic mammal who was raised in 1980s/90s suburban captivity on a diet focused upon the Kids in the Hall, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mr. Bungle. He made lots of joyfully collaborative improvisational films and music in his youth, and then life got really serious and heavy like allofasudden. Improv is a return to future roots, an alchemy of depth and light, a circle coming to close, a snake eating its own ass. Ya know?

sarah adams Sarah Adams. Sarah, a born and raised Virginian, works for UVA doing her dream job: neuroscience research. When she’s not geeking out over brain scans, you can find her with her improv troupe, at dinner with friends, or relaxing by the river — preferably with a furry friend!

dave priest Dave Priest. Dave is a California native who got his start at Universal Studios Hollywood, when he was chosen as a young lad to be the kid on the bike to ride with E.T. From there he progressed to various punk bands in the Southern California area, and finally settling in Charlottesville with his Wife, Son and dog named “Winston”. Besides Improv he enjoys anything about the 80’s and drinking coffee.

Max Max Hoecker was born in Burbank, CA, raised in MD, and came to Charlottesville to be a radio DJ, a job he still holds twenty-six years later. He found Big Blue Door’s classes through our great friends, Live Arts. Max also performs music, runs, reads, and tries to grow up (but not too much!). Listen to his morning show, Big Greasy Breakfast 530am to 10am on 97.5fm (3WV)!

img_4166 Susan Gorman is a passionate singer and dancer whose talents are vastly under-appreciated by her family. She also enjoys tackling the elusive skill of improv. Her day jobs include working at her family’s winery ( and making leather toe guards for roller derby skaters (This is a true fact).

Nauder Nauder Namaky. Nauder moved to Charlottesville from Austin, Texas (although, when it’s to his advantage he seems to be from Cincinnati). When he’s not doing improv or playing D&D, Nauder is working towards his PhD in Clinical Psychology at UVa.



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