Boho Baby!

boho baby Boho Baby brings five veterans together for Big Blue Door’s spring 2019 run! Directed by Joel Jones. Performing with Tornado Warning!

steve sanderson Steve Sanderson. Steve’s sense of humor is a medley of Jim Carrey, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his Grandpa Dick. He last performed with Big Blue Door’s winter 2019 group Just Cause. Steve is a long-time musician who makes no money playing music so he figured he’d give making no money at improv a try. He also loves his three cats and they love him even more.

SAMSUNG CSC Marjory Ruderman. Marjory Ruderman left her promising NFL career to join Big Blue Door’s improv program because of its slightly lower risk of concussions. She has performed with Mr Mammals, Colorblind Astronauts, Dancing Pilots, The Living Room, Product Placement and Feminine Hijinks.

david luzader David Luzader David is a long-time performer with Big Blue Door last appearing in winter 2019’s Just Cause. In addition to improv, he is a podcaster and stand-up comedian. He can be found sharing his thoughts on the Movie-Go-Round podcast every week. For additional information on his podcast and stand up appearances, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at davluz.

img_4166 Susan Gorman is a passionate singer and dancer whose talents are vastly under-appreciated by her family. She also enjoys tackling the elusive skill of improv. Her day jobs include working at her family’s winery ( and making leather toe guards for roller derby skaters (This is a true fact). She has appeared in many Big Blue Door improv groups, most recently winter 2019’s Feminine Hijinks.

todd-kasen Todd Kasen. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Todd Kasen uprooted his life to move to the greener pastures of Charlottesville in 2016.  During the weekdays, Todd spends his time engineering all sorts of neat stuff, but when off the clock, he enjoys skiing, kickball, and trivia. As a lover of great innovations, Todd has a fond appreciation of lasers and traffic signs.  He last performed with Latte Farm.

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