BBD @ BAC 3/22!

aug 4 showFriday, March 22nd 8pm, don’t miss the final performance of Big Blue Door’s winter teams at Belmont Arts Collaborative! It’s 90-minutes of longform improv comedy for only $10, featuring Charlottesville’s all-female improv group, Feminine Hijinks! Plus The Administration! Plus Just Cause!

june 6 show Yes, Charlottesville’s only all-female improv group, Feminine Hijinks, has been reborn like a funny, female phoenix! A hit from Big Blue Door’s 6th season, the group couldn’t resist getting back together with an even more feminine and hijinkish line-up, and now the phoenix is on its final flight of the run. Bios and line-up here!

just causeBut that’s not all! Big Blue Door brand-new, winter team, Just Cause has been awesome but like all good things the run must be done. Come see their last show! Bios and lineup here!

admin show bannerBut that’s not all! The Administration is the tantalizing trio of Big Blue Door’s winter coaches and staff, Nauder Namaky, Joel Jones, and Keaton Ray! To finish up the evening they’ll be inviting select members of each winter team to join them for a final improv form called a montage. How will those ‘select members’ be selected? Whomever brings the most audience members!

Oh, and all of that is only 10 dollars!

That’s right. 10 bucks, 10 smackeroos, 10 clams, 10 simoleons, 10 greenbacks…

Just for you.

aug 4 showBBD @ BAC
Big Blue Door winter performance groups visit the Belmont Arts Collaborative!
Belmont Arts Collaborative
221 Carlton Road
Friday, March 22nd
Show starts at 8pm!

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