march 2018 At Big Blue Door March comes in like a lion, stays a lion, and goes out like a lion too! We’ve got spring classes scheduled and online for registration! Plus four–count ’em– four shows! All for you!

FF Improv We’ll start out the awesomeness on the very first day with First Friday Improv on March 1st at 7pm! The first Fridays of every month are McGuffey Art Center’s official art openings, featuring new monthly exhibits in the galleries all over the building, and whenever possible Big Blue Door joins the festivities with performances in our studio upstairs! For March don’t miss Big Blue Door’s winter performance groups Feminine Hijinks, Just Cause, plus The Administration with 90 minutes of improv comedy for only $10 cash at the door! Juicy details here.

But that’s not all! Winter performance groups Feminine Hijinks, Just Cause, and The Administration will head to The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative for Charlottesville’s funniest and smartest longform improv comedy (plus Potter’s cider) on Saturday, March 16th! Details soon.

BBD at BAC graphicBut that’s not all! Big Blue Door’s winter performance teams started their run at Belmont Arts Collaborative back in January. Sadly, all good things must come to their end. As winter yields to spring, winter performance runs must give way to new teams for spring. But not before a final hurrah! Feminine Hijinks, Just Cause, and The Administration perform their final winter show on Friday, March 22nd 8pm at the Belmont Arts Collaborative! For only $10 you get 90 minutes of Charlottesville’s best comedy! Details soon!

class graduation Big Blue Door’s March features one more show. Really it’s three more shows because it’s our Triple Class Showcase! The graduates of Big Blue Door’s winter classes perform for free just for you in our McGuffey Art Center studio! Telling True Stories performs at 1:30pm, Improv I at 3pm, and Improv III at 4pm! Lineup and preview soon!

sss Speaking of classes, March is the best time to sign up for McGuffey’s Spring Classes! We’ve got Improv I and Improv II, and we’re excited to be offering our first full writing course, Scene Sketch Scenario! Follow the links for the times, dates, places, and info!


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