Just Cause!

just cause Just Cause is Big Blue Door’s new improv quintet that wouldn’t even need a reason to be funny! They can’t help it. They’ll be performing with Feminine Hijinks. Directed by Keaton Ray!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.17.41 PM Tim Gorman. Tim Gorman makes wine, manages his vineyard, and shakes his fist towards the rain gods at Cardinal Point, in Afton, Virginia. He was last seen with Big Blue Door’s improv group, Product Placement. He’s a great storyteller too.

david luzader David Luzader David is a long-time performer with Big Blue Door. In addition to improv, he is a podcaster and stand-up comedian. He can be found sharing his thoughts on the Movie-Go-Round podcast every week. For additional information on his podcast and stand up appearances, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at davluz.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson. Erik is a native Virginian. He spent too many years attending VA Tech to be a true resident of Charlottesville, but likes it here anyhow. In real life, he helps people design rotating machinery that spins really fast. He enjoys sailing and hang gliding, but rarely gets to do either. He’s performed with many Big Blue Door groups over the years including most recently, Latte Farm.

steve sanderson Steve Sanderson. Steve’s sense of humor is a medley of Jim Carrey, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his Grandpa Dick. He last performed with Big Blue Door group Latte Farm. Steve is a long-time musician who makes no money playing music so he figured he’d give making no money at improv a try. He also loves his three cats and they love him even more.

larry Larry Goldstein grew up in the theater as an actor, mime, clown, director and playwright. His dream was to be an Improvisational Actor. Now, he’s living the dream through the good work of Big Blue Door and a company he helped form, Playback Theatre Virginia.


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