First Friday Improv 11/2!

mar 2018 programmingFriday, Nov 2nd, don’t miss the return of Big Blue Door’s 2018 fall improv ensembles, Latte Farm and Product Placement in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! Plus they’ll be joined by The Administration, the house trio made up of Big Blue Door’s staff. It’s First Friday Improv in Big Blue Door’s studio on the second floor of McGuffey Art Center JUST FOR YOU!!!

fun-mcguffey The first Fridays of every month are McGuffey Art Center’s official art openings, featuring new monthly exhibits in the galleries all over the building, and whenever possible Big Blue Door joins the festivities with performances in our studio! The art downstairs is free and the show upstairs at 7pm is only $5!

latte farm Latte Farm is the comedy group that’s as foamy and stimulating as your favorite morning beverage!

fall 2018 teams Product Placement is the comedy group that’ll make you want more it.

Featuring Big Blue Door’s fall 2018 teams!
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
201 2nd St NW
Friday, Nov 2nd
$5 Cash!

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