Big Blue Door at The Bridge: The Buildup!

BBD at Bridge graphic Join hosts Nauder Namaky and Jessie Conover for the first show of Big Blue Door’s 7th season with comedy at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative! It’s all this Saturday, Sept 15th at 8pm! For only $10 you get a great slate of Charlottesville’s smartest, sharpest, and best comedy!

We’re calling the September 15th show The Buildup. It’s a show about building, expanding, reaching new heights. Jessie will mc. The show features our first-ever standup set by local comic/baker/improviser David Luzader. Plus a story by storyteller/author BK Marcus (who hosted our storytelling series in the summer of 0217). Plus longform comedy duo Hissute & Hirsute featuring Nauder & Marjory Ruderman. After we’ve given you all of that, Jessie, David, Nauder, Marjory, and Keaton Ray come together for a full improv set riffing off on-the-fly and off-the-cuff stories by BK.

If you’re a visual thinker, picture it this way:

bridge shows

If you’re not a tactile thinker, imagine it as lying on the floor under twenty frisky puppies. In any case, come out and join us! You can afford it since it’s only 10 smackeroos!

Oh.. also delicious Potter’s Cider!

Big Blue Door at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

The Bridge PAI
209 Monticello Rd
Saturday, September 15th
Show starts at 8pm!
$10 Cash!

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