Happy 6th Anniversary, BBD!

plaque Happy 6th Anniversary to Big Blue Door! Yep, it was six years ago this week when Big Blue Door first presented a public show–a storytelling show called the Big Blue Door Jam!

BBD According to the internet the official sixth anniversary substance is iron, which is suitable because Big Blue Door is often iron-ic! Get it? Hahahaha! Plus like actual iron we’re tough, cold, and often hammered! Hahahaha!

BBD at BAC graphic Help us celebrate in true Big Blue Door style by coming to our unbelievably cheap $5 show Thursday night 7pm show at Belmont Arts Collaborative! Details here.

If you join Big Blue Door for our iron anniversary we’ll be alloys! Hahahaha!

june 2018 programming Or sign up for one of our awesome classes! Telling True Stories is a six-session course that will help you find your stories, learn to organize them, and learn how to share them! You’ll see your life differently, and amaze yourself!

sketch2018 Sketch Comedy Writing is a two-session workshop will introduce you to the basics of creating comic scenes!


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