Summer Improv Lineup!

PW Summer 2018Check out Big Blue Door’s summer 2018 performers! For our summer run we’ve got 10 veterans plus 4 newcomers to dazzle and delight you!


Susan G Susan Gorman is a passionate singer and dancer whose talents are vastly underappreciated by her family. Her day jobs include working on the winery she founded with her husband and making leather toe guards for roller derby skaters (True fact!). She is a past member of Feminine Hijinks, The Bitter End, The Living Room, Colorblind Astronauts, Mr Mammal, and Dancing Pilots!

deborah Debby Prum is a transplanted New England native, banjoist, and fiction writer who took up improv in Big Blue Door’s second year after being prodded relentlessly by a friend. She was on Big Blue Door’s first improv ensemble, Lady Pills, and many since! She writes short stories, movie and book reviews, essays that air on NPR stations and in newspapers and magazines, and writes histories for young adults. She also teaches workshops on the craft of writing. Check out her latest doings on her blog.

SAMSUNG CSC Marjory Ruderman. Marjory Ruderman is a consultant and writer of humor, fiction, and public health reports. She has performed with Mr Mammals, Colorblind Astronauts, Feminine Hijinks, and The Living Room. She was one of thousands of people cheering in the stands for a pretend baseball game during the filming of the movie Bull Durham. That was thirty years ago, but she still enjoys yelling for no reason.

Jessie 1 Web Sized  Jessie Conover is a law student by day and a law student on nights and weekends. For Big Blue Door she’s performed with Feminine Hijinks and The Living Room. Before that she came up through the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon and performed in the San Diego ImPRIDE Festival with her old trio, Double Pretty. She knows some stuff about marine biology, building consensus, lit-tra-ture, and pro wrestling.

Keaton R Keaton Ray is a personal trainer. He’s also an actor you might see performing in ads or shows on your very own teevee. He dreams of being in a horror movie. He’s performed with many Big Blue Door groups, most recently The Living Room and Bunch.

nick q Nick Quillen is a UVa alum originally from Waynesboro, Virginia. He plays drums in several local bands, including Erin & the Wildfire (Check out the show schedule at the link!). When not playing music, Nick makes money selling used things on the internet. His remaining free time is spent starting ambitious side projects that have a very small likelihood of ever coming to fruition. He last performed with Big Blue Door ensemble Bunch.

Max Max Hoecker was born in Burbank, CA, raised in MD, and came to Charlottesville to be a radio DJ, a job he still holds twenty-six years later. He found Big Blue Door’s classes through our great friends, Live Arts. Max also performs music, runs, reads, and tries to grow up (but not too much!). Listen to his morning show, Big Greasy Breakfast 530am to 10am on 97.5fm (3WV)! He’s been a part of many Big Blue Door groups including Bunch!

todd-kasen Todd Kasen. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Todd Kasen uprooted his life to move to the greener pastures of Charlottesville in 2016.  During the weekdays, Todd spends his time engineering all sorts of neat stuff, but when off the clock, he enjoys skiing, kickball, and trivia. As a lover of great innovations, Todd has a fond appreciation of lasers and traffic signs.  He last performed with Dancing Pilots and Suburban Dictionary.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson. Erik is a native Virginian. He spent too many years attending VA Tech to be a true resident of Charlottesville, but likes it here anyhow. In real life, he helps people design rotating machinery that spins really fast. He enjoys sailing and hang gliding, but rarely gets to do either. He’s performed with many Big Blue Door groups over the years including Suburban Dictionary and Compact Fun.

Kirk Kirk Martini. Kirk performs on stage weekly at UVa, subjecting architecture students to the stress of structural design. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and still misses cool summers and the sound of fog horns. He can sometimes be seen in yoga class at ACAC, working to avoid a faceplant while jumping into bakasana. He’s performed on Big Blue Door groups Half Price Candy, Dancing Pilots, Suburban Dictionary, and many more!

NEWCOMERS! Check out the wonderful new people joining our performance groups this summer!

webster D. Webster. Webster played lead roles at GSU before joining the Second City Improv Theater in Chicago. In 1993, He founded the Whole World Theater and sold out over 1500 improv shows in-a-row.  500 shows were filmed for TV and several aired on Turner South From 1996-2001. Webster won a Southeastern Regional Emmy Award. Since then he has made independent films, toured the country performing Improv and is planning to open an online TV studio in Richmond beginning in August.  He is proud to join Big Blue Door.

steve sanderson Steve Sanderson. Steve is a rookie improviser whose sense of humor is a medley of Jim Carrey, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his Grandpa Dick. Steve is a long-time musician who makes no money playing music so he figured he’d give making no money at improv a try. He also loves his three cats and they love him even more.

IMG_2418 Rachel Edwards. Rachel brings her energy as an enthusiastic storyteller, turning real life situations into comedic acts. Friends who referred her to Big Blue Door know if there’s been an awkward scenario, she’s lived it.
A former news anchor/producer turned freelancer, Rachel now adds improvisationalist to her resume.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.17.41 PM Tim Gorman. Tim Gorman is new to performance improv, having recently completed glasses through the Big Blue Door (.org). He makes wine, manages his vineyard, and shakes his fist towards the rain gods at Cardinal Point, in Afton, Virginia.

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