Fire & Smoke Lineup, Pt II!

june2018b Saturday, June 30th Big Blue Door presents Fire & Smoke. Hosted by The Fire Tigers, with five poets meeting five improvisers, Fire & Smoke brings spoken word poetry and longform improv comedy in an incendiary mix!


Smiling TogetherThe Fire Tigers, identical twin sisters, Flora Lark and JonaNoelle, are a performance poetry duo dedicated to inspiring healing in others. In May of 2014, The Fire Tigers’ first show “hearts, hands and hugs” became a platform to integrate their love of poetry with their passion for activism. Through the act of sharing their personal stories of trauma and the process of healing, The Fire Tigers create a safe space for an honest discussion around these very sensitive and difficult subjects.  The Fire Tigers hope to inspire others to participate in their own healing which they believe is an important aspect of activism in daily life. For more information about their show visit

Lauren MannLauren Mann is a 25 year Virginia native and aspiring poet.  She has loved reading and writing her entire life.  Some of her favorite poets include W.B. Yeats, E. E. Cummings, Sara Teasdale, Rumi, and Christopher Poindexter.  She loves sunshine, nature, long walks, and animals. She is an introvert, but loves people at the same time and is honored to participate in Fire and Smoke.

31394137_10155692364584403_7683017342250385408_n Elliott Carter found poetry in an after-school poetry club and then in Washington, D.C. with the community-based arts organization Split this Rock.  At UVa, he became involved with Flux Poetry and Spoken Word, serving various positions in the hopes of helping the reach and impact of Flux’s community arts thrive and grow.  A two-time member of the UVa CUPSI team; a wannabe aficionado of sunflower seeds, holder of the hopeful dream to one day to be a garden gnome, he believes communities that form around art and poetry are necessary to find the most courageous forms of support to say the things we need to say.

Tony RussellTony Russell lives in Charlottesville.  A naturalist, gardener, poet, photographer, and peace activist, he has worked as a carhop, as a busboy, as foreman of a crew clearing fire lanes, as a day care provider, as an Upward Bound director, as an advocate for senior citizens, as manager of an apartment complex, as a laborer in a glass factory, as a teacher and school administrator, and as an outreach worker for a health care center. He also served–many years ago–as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Check out the improviser lineup here.

june shows copy 2 BIG BLUE DOOR FIRE & SMOKE
Spoken word meets improvised scene as five of Big Blue Door’s improvisers riff off five area poets. Hosted by the Fire Tigers!
The Bridge PAI
Saturday, June 30th
Show starts at 8pm!

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