Fire & Smoke 6/30!

june2018firesmokeSaturday, June 30th Big Blue Door is back at The Bridge PAI in a joint enterprise with Charlottesville’s poetic pair, The Fire Tigers. It’s a show called Fire & Smoke in which poets and improvisers perform together!

c3cfeb_68bec48095d7452cbac0116688b2b3d5The Fire Tigers are Charlottesville’s Jona Noelle and Flora Lark who’ve been hosting their own brand of spoken word poetry events since 2014. This month they’ll bring three other poets to present works deconstructed and explored by five Big Blue Door improvisers!

Lauren Mann
Click here for the poets!

Click here for the improvisers!

june shows copy 2 FIRE & SMOKE
Big Blue Door improvisers perform with The Fire Tigers!
The Bridge PAI
209 Monticello Rd
Saturday, June 30th!
Show starts at 8pm!

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