The Living Room + Dish!

liv room dish Join Big Blue Door for our return to The Bridge PAI for a combination extravaganza combining the final performance of our spring run featuring The Living Room, plus a special edition of Dish! Come for the comedy and the delicious cider!

unicorn living room 4 The Living Room is the improv comedy show that will make you feel right at home! The Living Room is a mixture of true stories and comic scenes that’s more fun than having your feet up on a coffee table!

Check out the lineup including exclusive personal lifestyle tips!

jan dish Dish is the show where everyone gets to complain, confess, and blow off steam. Dish is truth. Dish is comedy. Dish is everything. Featuring Nauder Namaky and his complaining-yet-compassionate friends, David Luzader, Jessie Conover, and Marjory Ruderman!

liv room dish THE LIVING ROOM + DISH
The Bridge PAI
209 Monticello Rd
Saturday, May 19th!
Show starts at 8pm!

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