The Living Room Lineup!

debby p lr Check out the amazing lineup of Big Blue Door’s upcoming Living Room series, the show that’s more fun than putting your feet on the coffee table! These performers invite you into their amazing lives longform-improv-comedy style. To tide you over till Thursday’s show, they’re each sharing their best lifestyle tips! Above smart-set vet Debby Prum likes to keep her television well-heated by hanging it above her fireplace!

keaton lr Trendsetter Keaton Ray simply won’t set foot in a room unless the upholstery matches his eyes!

susan lr Hostess with the mostest, Susan Gorman, thinks no room is complete without a huge vase of flowers to protect her from the appearance of whomever is sitting across from her.

j lawrence Manners maven JL Lawrence believes persons of quality should say ‘scarves’ not ‘scarfs.’ Also martini glasses are so fabulous, they don’t need the martinis.

marjorylr Society doyen Marjory Ruderman knows that a room without a visible seashell is as incomplete as a room without a visible Marjory Ruderman.

nauder lr Hirsute hipster Nauder Namaky keeps his enthusiasms in the penthouse and leaves his doubts to the gig-economy folks who deliver his late night meals.

jessie lr When it comes to decorating, dazzling debonairess Jessie Conover believes that the Southwest isn’t just some states with high prison populations; the Southwest is also a state of mind with a high prison population.

rachel2 High Societeer Rachel Showalter knows that in our dreams, all our rooms are black-and-white. If we’re dogs at least. Probably other animals too.

Come learn more for only $5 cash! Thursdays starting April 26th in Studio 20 of McGuffey Art Center! 7pm shows!

unicorn living room 4 Big Blue Door presents: THE LIVING ROOM
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20
201 2nd St NW
Consecutive Thursdays starting April 26th
$5 Cash!

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