Sketch Comedy Writing, 8/19!

sketch comedy workshop 2SOLD OUT!! EMAIL for waitlist!!! Big Blue Door’s special two-session Sketch Comedy Writing Intensive will introduce you to the basics of comedy for stage, video, radio, or film! For writers, comedians, and fans of comedy with no previous experience!

This course uses guided examples, quick-fire exercises, and a fun writer’s room atmosphere to show you how comedy writers create scenes. You’ll learn how to find comic characters and situations from your own peeves and observations, how to map premises into patterns, and how to flesh out patterns into scenes.

sketch copy

The course will also look at how comic scenes and character games are used in longer works like sitcoms, movies, and plays. Taught by Joel Jones.

Only $65!

closeup sketch
McGuffey Art Center
Studio 20

Sunday 130-4pm
8/19 & 8/26

SOLD OUT!! EMAIL for waitlist!!!


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