Feminine Hijinks II!

feb 2018 programming copy 2Big Blue Door’s 2017 fall improv ensemble, Feminine Hijinks is back with a brand-new, expanded winter edition! Directed by Larry Goldstein. They’ll be performing this fall will sibling team, Bunch!
Susan G Susan Gorman is a passionate singer and dancer whose talents are vastly under-appreciated by her family. She also enjoys tackling the elusive skill of improv. Her day jobs include working at her family’s winery (cardinalpointwinery.com) and making leather toe guards for roller derby skaters (this is a true fact).

deborah Debby Prum is a transplanted New England native, banjoist, and fiction writer who took up improv in Big Blue Door’s second year after being prodded relentlessly by a friend. She was on Big Blue Door’s first improv ensemble, Lady Pills, and many since! She writes short stories, movie and book reviews, essays that air on NPR stations and in newspapers and magazines, and writes histories for young adults. She also teaches workshops on the craft of writing. Check out her latest doings on her blog.

SAMSUNG CSC Marjory Ruderman. Marjory Ruderman is a consultant and writer of humor, fiction, and public health reports. She has performed with Mr Mammals and Colorblind Astronauts. She was one of thousands of people cheering in the stands for a pretend baseball game during the filming of the movie Bull Durham. That was thirty years ago, but she still enjoys yelling for no reason.

deborah-arenstein Deborah Arenstein has been performing with Big Blue Door for two years. She is not making that up. She is also a Live Arts company and board member, and enjoys working both on and off stage. She has two remarkably resilient children, a dreamy domestic partner, and a dog.

Rachel Rachel Showalter acting career began with maxing out her credit cards studying Shakespeare at the Studio Theatre in DC. After underperforming at numerous auditions, Rachel found the improv community refreshingly supportive and co-founded Bright Young Things at DC Improv. She schlepped her husband and cat to Chicago in 2007, and continued studying and performing at iO, Second City and The Annoyance Theater. She moved back to Charlottesville in 2010 to raise babies and work as a UX Designer at Crutchfield. She’s very excited to be a part of Big Blue Door!

Jessie 1 Web Sized  Jessie Conover is a law student by day and a law student on nights and weekends. She’s a newcomer to Big Blue Door and will join Feminine Hijinks for the winter run. Jessie came up through the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon and performed in the San Diego ImPRIDE Festival with her old trio, Double Pretty. She knows some stuff about marine biology, building consensus, lit-tra-ture, and pro wrestling.

bbd Kelsey Keverline. Kelsey Keverline is the current token UVA student at Big Blue Door.  She is a Public Policy and Biology double major and is most notable for her brief stint as a latte artist in Norfolk, VA. Kelsey has appeared with many Big Blue Door ensembles including Half-Price Candy and Lemon Cello. She also appeared in last summer’s true stories series, Stories Confidential.

FF Improv


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