DISH 12/21!

dish3 The third Thursday of every month is Big Blue Door Improv Night at Cville Coffee with an ever-changing roster of longform improv comedy performers and styles. And we’re especially excited about December Improv Night because we’ll be saying goodbye to 2017 in prime holiday style with one of our favorite groups, DISH!

Dish is the show where everyone gets to complain, confess, and blow off steam, and there’s no better time than the holidays for that. Dish is truth. Dish is comedy. Dish is everything. Except expensive: at only $5 cash with a pick-up assembly of some of Charlottesville’s best and funniest improvisers, Dish is the honestly the most amazing entertainment deal you’ll be getting this year! Bring your personal complaints, confessions, and revelations! Line up coming soon!

dish DISH!
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, Dec 21st
Show starts at 7pm!

2 thoughts on “DISH 12/21!

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