Suburban Dictionary

suburban dictionary Check out the amazing line up for Big Blue Door’s 2017 fall improv ensemble, Suburban Dictionary! Directed by Brian Weisbrod. They’ll be performing this fall will sibling team, Feminine Hijinks.


Kirk Kirk Martini grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and moved to Charlottesville in 1992 to teach in UVa’s architecture department. Kirk is a swing dancer and yoga-ist. (Yes, we just made that a word!)

todd-kasen Todd Kasen. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Todd Kasen uprooted his life to move to the greener pastures of Charlottesville in 2016.  During the weekdays, Todd spends his time engineering all sorts of neat stuff, but when off the clock, he enjoys skiing, kickball, and trivia. As a lover of great innovations, Todd has a fond appreciation of lasers and traffic signs.

will may Will May came to Charlottesville from Chapel Hill, NC twenty-five years ago. He’s a photographer and dad. He first started taking improv classes in the fall of 2014 and has performed with Big Blue Door ever since.

Keaton R Keaton Ray is a personal trainer. He’s also an actor you might see performing in ads or shows on your very own teevee. He dreams of being in a horror movie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson is veteran of many Big Blue Door teams and the proud owner of an engineering firm. He enjoys hang gliding, sailing, and working on houses.

Nauder Nauder Namaky moved to Charlottesville from Austin, Texas (although, when it’s to his advantage he seems to be from Cincinnati). When he’s not doing improv or playing D&D, Nauder is working towards his PhD in Clinical Psychology at UVa.

nick q Nick Quillen is a UVa alum originally from Waynesboro, Virginia. He plays drums in several local bands, including Erin & the Wildfire (Check out the show schedule at the link!). When not playing music, Nick makes money selling used things on the internet. His remaining free time is spent starting ambitious side projects that have a very small likelihood of ever coming to fruition.

fall programs 2 copy


    Thursday, 9/21 Improv Night, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee
    Friday, 10/6 First Friday Improv 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center
    Thursday, 10/19 Improv Night, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee
    Friday, 11/3 First Friday Improv 7pm
    @McGuffey Art Center
    Thursday, 11/16 Improv Night, 7pm
    @Cville Coffee

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