Thanks Dish!

Thanks everyone for a great show last night at Belmont Arts Collaborative! The show was Dish! Big Blue Door improvisers Kelsey Keverline, David Luzader, Keaton Ray, Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky and Marjory Ruderman gave everyone a chance to dish! It was one of our smartest, funniest shows ever. Too bad the photos I took suck.

dish2 It was a three part night. The performers first did a monoscene, then a harold, and finally a montage, each inspired by an audience interview. We heard about lunch room food theft, slippery floors, and kindly but challenging mothers!

fall programs 2 copy Dish! will be back later in the fall but meanwhile Big Blue Door’s fall teams make their debut next week. It’s Improv Night, 7pm, Cville Coffee next Thursday.

fall 2017 copy 4 Finally, why not get in on the action? Big Blue Door’s next Improv I course starts October 1st! Click on the link for all the information!

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