Big Blue Door To Be Filmed Thurs, 7/13!

inside-out2 We’re excited to announce that Terri Allard and Charlottesville Inside Out are coming to film our Insult to Injury show this Thursday. It’s part of segment about Big Blue Door to be broadcast on PBS (WHTJ and WCVE) in the spring of 2018!

terri Charlottesville Inside Out is a local treasure, an interview program hosted by Terri (also a local treasure) for over ten years that explores the people and places that define the Charlottesville area. We’re so happy to have Big Blue Door featured on the program!

They’ll be taping Insult to Injury, Big Blue Door’s true stories show. Veterans of our classes and past story shows will share their tales of harm and humiliation, comedy and tragedy, and things going wrong! We’ll have the line-up announced tomorrow!

Come out Thursday and join us! We have a special fill-the-house-for-teevee discount of 2 for 8! Bring a friend and you both get in for $8!

insult injury TRUE STORIES AT BAC
Belmont Arts Collaborative

221 Carlton Road
Thursday, July 13th
Show starts at 8pm!

2 thoughts on “Big Blue Door To Be Filmed Thurs, 7/13!

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