Thanks ‘Shaman’ & ‘Parrots’!

taxi Thanks everyone for a great show last Thursday at Belmont Arts Collaborative featuring Big Blue Door’s summer improv ensembles, Dancing Pilots and Compact Fun!

split summer 2017 Compact Fun started first with Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, Will May, Erik Swanson, Keaton Ray, and Ryan Wender creating a harold inspired by the audience suggestion of  ‘Shaman.’ We met strange musicians, Rattlesnake Man, and a cab driver tracked down by his fare.

bricabrac Next came Dancing Pilots in which Kirk Martini, David Luzader, Marjory Ruderman, Susan Gorman, and Debby Prum created a harold inspired by the suggestion of ‘Parrots.’ We met Math Bird, news of incarcerated family members, singing pirates, and a high-end thrift shop employee.

fidget After a short break Compact Fun returned for a montage of short scenes based on audience suggestions of ‘New York Fashion Week,’ ‘Shorts,’ and ‘Fidget.’

insult injury Big Blue Door’s summer improv groups next perform at Improv Night on July 20th at Cville Coffee. Meanwhile don’t miss Big Blue Door’s fabulous true stories show Thursday, July 13th (this week) Insult to Injury at Belmont Arts Collaborative! And it’s going to be filmed by WHTJ to be broadcast in 2018. More information tomorrow!

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