Thanks Fire & Smoke & Front Porch!

19424392_1560812200657447_8111399476632127777_n No show tonight but that gives us a moment to thank everyone fro two great shows last week!

junebbdbanners copy Fire and Smoke was Big Blue Door’s mixture of poetry and longform imrpov, hosted by the Fire Tigers (Flora Lark and Jona Noelle! aka Jona Fox!). Featuring poems by Tony Russell, Patsy Asuncion, and BK Marcus, and improv by Nauder Namaky, Marjory Ruderman, David Luzader, Kelsey Keverline, and me. We all had a blast!

19417230_1560812167324117_4328925142261462460_o The poems explored love and loss, identity, and trust, and the improv explored getting directions, surrendering to the Huns, busking, and more! Thanks to the Belmont Arts Collaborative and everyone who came out! We’re looking at another edition sometime in the fall!

frontporchjune Saturday was Big Blue Door Improv at The Front Porch. It was the second performance by brand new summer groups Compact Fun and Dancing Pilots, and Big Blue Door’s final show at The Front Porch for awhile.

hot sauceCompact Fun (Keaton Ray, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, John Lawrence, and Erik Swanson) started with a harold inspired by the suggestion ‘Sprinkler.’ Then Dancing Pilots (David Luzader, Todd Kasen, Kirk Martini, Susan Gorman, Deborah Prum, and Marjory Ruderman) performed a set inspired by ‘Disney.’ Finally both groups combined for a montage of scenes from rapid suggestions of ‘Birthday,’ ‘Derby,’ ‘Gymnastics,’ and ‘Donut.’ Highlights of the night include police with a secret crush, MTV’s senior rapper show, the mystery of Pluto and Goofy’s existential relationship to one another, and a tough gymnastics coach.

IMG_6718 Thanks to The Front Porch for the whole run, and thanks to everyone for coming out!

split summer 2017 Don’t miss the next performance by Compact Fun and Dancing Pilots coming up at Belmont Arts Collaborative on Thursday, July 6th!
Thursday, July 6th
Show starts at 8pm!

l Even sooner than that members of Big Blue Door will be participating in Bent Theatre‘s upcoming Comedy Marathon this Saturday, July 1st. The link is to Bent’s Facebook event, but we’ll have a post about it online later today or tomorrow!





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