Compact Fun!

compact fun 2 Compact Fun is one of Big Blue Door’s brand new summer performance ensembles! They’ll be bringing you the best in longform improv comedy throughout the summer as they perform with Dancing Pilots!

deborah-arenstein Deborah Arenstein has been performing with Big Blue Door for two years. She is not making that up. She is also a Live Arts company and board member, and enjoys working both on and off stage. She has two remarkably resilient children, a dreamy domestic partner, and a dog. Past BBD Ensembles include Driver’s Ed, Short Term Analysis, The Echo, The Helix, and Catawampus.

larry Larry Goldstein grew up in the suburbs of NY and DC and came here for grad school in theater. He was a member of Big Blue Door’s first improv troupe, The Lady Pills, as well as numerous ensembles with Big Blue Door, Live Arts, and is a longtime devotee of Playback Theater. He teaches drama at Tandem. Also he’s good at arithmetic. Past BBD Ensembles include Driver’s Ed, The Echo, The Helix, Catawampus, The Placeholders, Unusual Suspects, The Experience and The Lady Pills.

john lawrence Former 1983 class clown of Norfolk Academy, JL Lawrence makes coffee, plays speed chess, and likes to run fast. He’s a veteran of Big Blue Door improv teams Dance Monkey and The Helix.

will may Will May came to Charlottesville from Chapel Hill, NC twenty-five years ago. He’s a photographer and dad. He first started taking improv classes in the fall of 2014 and performed with Big Blue Door’s ensembles Dance Monkey, The Helix, and The Bitter End.

Keaton R Keaton Ray is a personal trainer. He’s also an actor you might see performing in ads or shows on your very own teevee. He dreams of being in a horror movie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik Swanson is veteran of many Big Blue Door teams including Usual Suspects, Dance Monkey and Sleepover. He’s the proud owner of an engineering firm, and enjoys hang gliding, sailing, and working on houses.

ryan wender Ryan Wender was actually born in Amityville, NY (the famous horror movie locale). He came Charlottesville three years ago by way of Nelson County. He’s been a regular performer with the Hamner Improv Troupe and a dungeon master. These days Ryan works as a hospice nurse and supports Bernie Sanders. Past improv ensembles with Big Blue Door include The Helix.


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