Shock of the New Preview!

junelineup Tomorrow night, Thursday, June 8th, Big Blue Door kicks off our new summer true stories run with ‘Shock of the New’ featuring true stories from veteran performers, hosted by BK Marcus. We have stories about bad Buddhists, good beaches, summer school, and the school of life, and even goats! Here are five of the seven storytellers:

kelsey Kelsey Keverline is a Biology and Public Policy double major at the University of Virginia who one day hopes to become a physician. When not performing with Big Blue Door, you can find her working in the Emergency Department, teaching yoga, or obsessively listening to NPR.

charlie gilliam by kirk m Charlie Gilliam likes late-night impulse buying. He’s been preparing pretty rigorously for this. He is also trying desperately to make human connections. He occasionally performs improv with Bent Theatre.

Susan G Susan Gorman is a passionate singer and dancer whose talents are vastly under-appreciated by her family. She also enjoys tackling the elusive skill of improv. Her day jobs include working at her family’s winery and making leather toe guards for roller derby skaters (this is a true fact).

melissa wender Melissa Wender is the leader of Big Blue Door’s TrueVille project. She also put together Big Blue Door’s Stories Confidential project last year, and even improvises with Big Blue Door. She also loves bicycles.

bk marcus B.K. Marcus is a homeschooling dad, an essayist, and the leader of Big Blue Door’s summer story group.


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