Thanks Spring Run!

BAC logo rough Thanks everyone for a fabulous Triple Improv Finale on Thursday night, our first ever show at Belmont Arts Collaborative! It was the final performances of Lemon Cello and Colorblind Astronauts, our first-ever musical show presented by Big Blue Door’s Master Class, plus a special goodbye set to 2.5 of our beloved improvisers!

peanut butter posterColorblind Astronauts (Marjory Ruderman, Larry Goldstein, Deborah Arenstein, David Luzader, Susan Gorman, and Keaton Ray) began the evening with a harold inspired by the theme of ‘Water Bottle.’ We met peanut butter eaters, map readers, plastic bottle collectors and more!

barbecue Lemon Cello (Debby Prum, Kelsey Keverline, Todd Kasen, Sally Trude, Finn Mehigan, and Ryan Wender) performed next with a harold inspired by the theme of ‘Wagon.’ We met youthful supervillains, the nephews of a barbecue-eating uncle, horse riders, and more!

sandals Big Blue Door’s first-ever Master Class (Kirk Martini, Max Hoecker, Erik Swanson, Susan Gorman, Jason Megill, and Will May) presented a musical-variety improv form of their own invention, with an opening song based on the suggestion ‘Feet.’ Then they generated scenes from the chorus, verses, and bridge of the song, with a musical group scene in the middle. ‘She wears sandals made of gold/her feet are always cold.’ We met toe polishers, cold footed sleepers, Youtube sales videos, and more!

may imp night One sad note in an otherwise joyous show was that this was the final performance for Sally Trude and Finn Mehigan, two longtime Big Blue Door improvisers, storytellers, and all-around good people. Finn is headed to Northern Virginia, and Sally to Portland. We said goodbye to them Big Blue Door-style with a quick surprise montage throwing Finn and Sally in with Big Blue Door coahes Brian Weisbrod, Nauder Namaky, and your humble narrator!

brian in light Big Blue Door’s next show is Thursday, June 8th back at Belmont Arts Collaborative. It’s ‘Shock of the New,’ featuring true stories by veteran Big Blue Door storytellers, the first of a true stories series you can find on the second Thursday of every month at Belmont Arts Collaborative!

Belmont Arts Collaborative
221 Carlton Road
Thursday, June 8th
Show starts at 8pm!

june shows copy 3 And don’t miss the return of Big Blue Door improv with the first show of our summer teams on June 15th! What will they be named? Come find out!

The third Thursday of every month Big Blue Door creates hilarious longform improv with an ever-changing roster of styles and groups. June’s improv night features the premiere of Big Blue Door’s summer improv ensembles.
C’ville Coffee
1301 Harris St
Thursday, June 15th
Show starts at 7pm!

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